Saturday, January 29, 2011

LifeStory Designers are Design Pros at Murals Your Way

Hey Everyone, LifeStory Designers is proud to announce we are Design Pros with Murals Your Way. You can now order directly from us or we can help you decide what will best suit your walls. Need a picture taken for your wall mural? No problem, we can help there too! Interested? I know we love it. You can visit "Murals Your Way" website for designs and ideas for your walls. Check it out at:

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Welcome Jim Sachse, LifeStory Humor Writer

Jim Sachse

Jim Sachse is a retired Army Officer, a vet of the Korean and Vietnam Wars. He had more job experiences than you can shake a stick at. He sailed the Great Lakes on an ore carrier for three years, sold real estate for twelve, was the operations coordinator for a wilderness search and rescue dog unit for a few years, gave seminars on search and rescue methods, and raised cattle. As a freelance writer he wrote Go Fry Your Ass, a satire on hunting and contributed several humorous articles for the International Bowhunters' Magazine and was a humor columnist and staff member for American Bowhunter Magazine.He was married to a lovely woman for over 53 years before she died in 2007, who like Jim, was also born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisc. His Pride & Joy are his 4 children, 14 grandchildren and 13 great grandchildren.

At 81 years old, Jim is now specializing in creating LifeStory Spiritual Legacies from the humerous side. Much like a living will, the legacy demonstrates what personal values you would like to pass down to your family from a spiritual level.

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Pre-Opening Hours Of Operation

Hours of Operation
These are are current hours of operation until our Grand Opening in April 2011. Although I'm in and out all the time, you can definitely catch me in at these hours. Need to see me? Great, set an appointment and I'll be there.

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LifeStory Designers Shop

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Our LifeStory Designers Shop is really coming along. We're adding new things every day. The response in the Community has really been great and supportive.

Although we won't officially be open until April 2011 with our Grand Opening, we're already getting interest and orders.

During these difficult times, it's a wonderful thing to recall the great memories we have and capture them in a forever keepsake.

Wish Us Luck!
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Our Second Flyer

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Our First LifeStory Designer Flyer

So what do you think? Hey, that's my niece Ashley in the top pic. Isn't she gorgeous!!!
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Fun With Pictures

The Big Picture

Hey, did you know we can superimpose your picture into a fun pic? These are some fun examples for you to choose from. They are really great for your Facebook profile pictures.

Check out the full collection: FUN WITH PICTURES

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